Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic is the home of this technique. We are where this world Famous technique was created.

Lymphedema Bandaging

In addition to Dr. Vodder’s MLD technique, we utilize effective and consistent bandaging in the treatment and therapy of lymphedema. Combining our clinical compression bandaging technique and Dr. Vodder’s MLD technique with Lohmann & Rauscher compression system bandages, we are able to provide significant lymphatic reduction for our patients.

Decongestion Exercises

In combination with our clinical treatments and therapies, decongestion exercises helps our patients significantly reduce their Edema. For upper body Lymphedema everyday movements like housekeeping, washing, cooking help. For lower body Lymphedema climbing stairs is the most optimal exercise we would recommend. Because we are located in the heart of Kaiserwinkl, Austria our patients also enjoy Nordic walking, hiking and bicycling.

Celuvase Lymphedema Skin Care

Created by a biochemist, Celuvase Cream has been an integral part of our Edema Treatment here at Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic. Celuvase Cream is specially tailored to the needs of our patients. It increases pulse activity of the small arteries and increases capillary blood flow rate. Celuvase Cream can be used for many uses including: painful cellulite nodules, lipoedema, Raynaud’s Disease, Paresthesia, scleroderma and more.

Wittlinger Clinic Nutrition Principles

In combination with the first four pillars, our Lymphedema patients benefit medium and long term with proper nutritional principles. Dietary change recommendations from our medical team will help support patients' therapy.