Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic

Welcome to The Wittlinger Clinic

Where the world’s best Edema care started. Home of the famous Dr. Vodder MLD Technique No matter what Edema care you or your family need, we are here for you.
Experience Transformational Healing at Wittlinger's Lymphedema Clinic

Are you tired of living with the discomfort of lipedema, lymphedema, or edema? Your journey to lasting relief begins here, with our exceptional inpatient treatment programs. Say goodbye to the struggles of daily life and embrace a brighter, healthier future.

The Treatment of Choice for a Successful Recovery
At Wittlinger's, we're committed to your well-being. We offer the gold standard in edema treatment: Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). This comprehensive approach includes the renowned Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage, therapeutic exercises, compression bandaging, and premium skin care. Our arsenal also features breathing and aquatic exercises, low-level laser therapy, and dietary guidance to supercharge your healing journey.
Your Inpatient Stay - Tailored for Your Comfort and Progress, Your Wellness, Our Priority

During your 2-week or 3-week stay, we'll ensure you're comfortable and cared for your package includes comprehensive medical screening, ongoing therapy monitoring, and a final examination at the conclusion of your treatment plan. Please note that medications, compression stockings, and additional therapies or medical services are not part of the special treatment package.

Your Journey to Wellness Starts with Wittlinger
Our life-changing CDT program kicks off following your arrival at Wittlinger's Lymphedema Clinic. If you desire extra MLD treatments, they are readily available at a discounted rate. We are available everyday of the week. You can arrive on the day that best fits your travel arraignments.
A Healing Week at a Glance
Monday to Friday and even on bank holidays, you'll experience the rejuvenating therapies mentioned above. Saturdays offer a reduced schedule, while Sundays provide a well-deserved break.
Empower Your Future
When you leave Wittlinger's Lymphedema Clinic, you'll receive a complete medical report, including measurements, results, and an edema curve. This invaluable information can be shared with your general practitioner and health insurance provider for seamless follow-up care.

Your All-Inclusive Healing Escape

Imagine a serene haven where every detail is designed to support your recovery. Our exclusive inpatient package ensures your ultimate comfort and progress:
Luxurious Single-Room Accommodation with full board or a personalized diet plan, as per your preferences.
Initial and Final Medical Assessments: A precise roadmap for your recovery journey, led by our expert medical team.
1.5 Hours of CDT Per Day: Including Manual Lymph Drainage, compression therapy, remedial exercises, and skin care, from Monday to Friday
Special Therapies: Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and Hivamat, tailored to your unique needs.
Complimentary Bandages and Relining Materials: Because healing should never be compromised.
Relax and Rejuvenate: Enjoy two weekly group gymnastic sessions, nursing care, and personalized nutrition consultations.
Educate Yourself: Engage in insightful lectures on lymphological topics with our Clinic Medical Team.
Stay Connected: Complimentary Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected with your loved ones
Package Price for 2023-2024: Only $445 USD per night!

Have Questions or Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Our dedicated team is here to assist you. Contact Mrs. Christina Fleischmann for inquiries or to secure your stay as a private patient:
+43 5374 52458
For Calls from North America
+1 (888) 821-9488
+1 (888) 821-WITT

Don’t let lipedema, lymphedema, or edema hold you back any longer. Join us at Wittlinger’s Lymphedema Clinic and unlock the path to transformational healing. Your future of wellness awaits!

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